Four eccentric butterfly valves
  • Temperature range -196°C up to +850°C
  • Pressure -1bar up to 155bar

The principle of Kineva design is to minimalize the friction between the sealing surfaces during the working cycle of the valve and thus to prolong its lifetime. But the main advantage of KINEVA is the application of the fully metallic seat instead of graphite or lamellar sealing. This sofisticated solution is mostly demanded in the critical applications whenever high pressure or high temperature are present or whenever long-term tightness, operation realiability are required.



Energy and Power Generation
Oil & Gas
Chemical and Petrochemical industry
Food and Beverage
Pulp and Paper


Steam, water, exhaust instalations
Gas, chemicals, oil, oil derivatives
Vacuum systems, cryogenic application
Desalination plants, termal plants, geothermal plants

Body versions

Wafer or Lug
Double flange


Four offset quarter-turn design
Metal seated construction (metal/metal seated)
Zero leakage tight shut-off
Full bi-directional tightness
Fire safe


Design acc to EN593, EN 12516-1, EN 12516-2, ASME, API
End connection acc to EN 1092-1, EN 1759-1, EN 12627, ASME/ANSI
Face to face acc to EN558, DIN, API609, ASME/AISI, BS
Pressure testing acc to EN 12266, API 598 zero leakage, other
Mounting flange for actuator acc to EN ISO 5211
PED 2014/68/EU approved, module B+D, category IV.

Production range

Size DN65 up to DN2500 (bigger sizes upon request)
Pressure range -1bar (vacuum) up to 160bar
Connection PN6 up to PN160, Class150 up to Class900 (Class1500)
Temperature range -196°C up to +850°C


Heating jacketed body
High temperature and cryogenic design
Quick cloasing design
Forged body to eliminate the risks allied to castings

Four offset design

Circular design of seat and disc sealing surface
Fully metallic seal ring
No friction between the disc and body seat