About us

MPR valves Ltd. is a purely Czech company that was created by renaming of the existing company, which was focused on supplying of industrial valves and automatization. Since 2009, we focuse on development and production of industrial valves utilized in energy, chemical, petrochemical, paper and heavy industries. Our main market are states of EU.


We offer:

European production from European components.
Products of European origin.
Guarantee of a product. 
Customer support.

Year 2016

Increasing of production capacity, investments to machinery and facility.

Year 2012

New product range FLUEX and PRO-CHECK.

Year 2009

Renaming of the company to MPR valves, s.r.o. Creation of commertial brand KINEVA and TURBO-CHECK.

Year 2005

Foundation of the company MaR PRODUCT Ltd. First own production and initiation the development of industrial valves.

Year 2002

Beginning of the trades and services activities in energy sector under name MaR PRODUCT.